SCNTT centro nazionale transiti

What is it?

The “National Centralized Transit System” is a project of the Ministry of the Interior aimed at bringing together all the transits detected by a license plate reading camera towards the processing center in Naples.
The SCNTT system aims to:

  • Acquire and distribute to the peripheral systems the national lists of the stolen plates (list A1), of those reported by the police offices (list C) and of those not reviewed (list A2) only for the peripheral systems of the Traffic Police.
  • Create a single database for all recorded transits of the video surveillance peripheral systems
  • Implement correlation and propagation mechanisms between alarm systems related to the reported number plates (list C)
  • Provide services through the Web interface to the Offices in order to carry out searches on the transits, signal the license plates (list C) and view the alarms of their competence
  • Provide statistics and reports

The SCNTT connection requires the installation of an additional server in the police station, connected to the Targa System, which dialogues directly via a private network with the processing center in Naples. The peripheral systems generate in real time, an alarm every time a vehicle is intercepted whose plate is present in the lists.

In terms of safety, if all the license plate reading systems are connected, a vehicle can be tracked throughout the national territory. For Local Police, the advantage derives from the fact that the return of the stolen vehicle data is updated directly from the SDI database.

At the beginning of 2018, the Ministry of the Interior, with a circular letter, sent all the owners of license plate reading systems to connect the aforementioned units to the centralized SCNTT transit server. To meet the needs of the police and police headquarters, Targa System has already obtained certification from the National Transit Center and has successfully installed the SCNTT interface in some provinces.

Speaking of SCNTT, Giorgio Manari, the prefect of Savona, intervened:

We are talking about a license plate reading system that allows the Police forces a prevention service on the territory.

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