Game Club is a company from Vicenza that was founded in 2001 as a software developer for videogames. In 2009 he decides to undertake a new path and specializes in video surveillance. Game club directly follows several municipalities in the province of Vicenza. The “Targa System” software is the result of a joint study with local police forces. This has made it possible to create a product that is simple to use, but technologically advanced.

Targa System. What is it?

It is a tool intended for police forces, with the aim of offering them a valid support in protecting roads and identifying irregularities. It is practically impossible for drivers to recognize a Targa System device, as it works like a normal video camera.

The goal is to find, by scanning the license plate, the crafty ones that circulate without insurance coverage, without a revision or, worse still, a stolen car. It allows agents to establish a safety net throughout the national territory.

How does it work.

The Targa System software can be installed on a simple camera or on a specific device. The camera can be positioned on a fixed support and can be used in motion. The camera scans the license plates, sending information to the server, which is connected to the Ministry of Transport, IVASS and the Ministry of the Interior. All the information returns to police officers within a few seconds, controlling from tablets or smartphones. An important aspect to note is that Targa System does not independently ascertain the infringement, but constitutes a support to the control activity carried out by police officers.

What controls.

Targa System, by scanning the license plate, can highlight to the police forces different code violations, such as the lack of regular insurance coverage and the lack of a regular review. Furthermore, Targa System is able to detect other offenses, such as cars subjected to seizure, cars stolen or those that appear in the Police black list.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, you must always check the insurance coverage and the revision before driving.

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